1st quarter of 2019 market update.

I have never in my 2 years of real estate seen the market like it is right now. The market is flooded with buyers of all kinds. 50K, 100k, 500k, 800k. Smith Lake buyers, Walker county buyers, Jasper city buyers. Buyers from all prices ranges in all areas in the search for their forever home and there is nothing to choose from on the market. Smith Lake listings are just now starting to really pick up but not like they need to be. The town of Jasper, Al needs listings galore. If I had 10, 100k homes that were in decent condition right now, I would have every single one of them under contract within a month tops granted the location, conditions of the homes, etc. If you or someone you know has a home they have been debating whether to sell or not, have them give me a phone call because as of today. The market is for sure a SELLERS MARKET! 205-612-9838