About Me, Macy Hinds

I am Macy Hinds a Full time real estate agent with Joseph Carter Realty! Wether Buying or Selling Call Me for all of you real estate needs in Cullman, Jasper, and Smith Lake AL.

I graduated from Cold Springs High School in 2016. So the areas that I cover as a Realtor aren’t new to me. They are literally my stomping grounds. (Smith Lake, Walker, and Cullman). After high school I received a full ride scholarship to Bevill State CC and just finished out that scholarship this past spring. I have 1 semester left at Bevill then I will have my Business Degree and will go on to UAB to pursue Marketing. So its a Business-Marketing Degree after my schooling is all over with. I have always competed in pageants throughout school, I won Miss Bevill State my first year as a college student. I competed in Miss Al USA in November 2017 ( my very first big system pageant) and placed 4th runner up. Needless to say, I have decided that I will be going back this November 2018 to try one more time and I am super excited about it!

I grew up in a family of business. My dad has his car dealer licenses and at an early age I became eager to help. By the time I was 15 I was fully wheeling and dealing cars and still do today. Sales has just been a thing for me and I think its something I was just born with. Real Estate has always been interesting to me but it became serious after spending my summers on Smith Lake seeing how just up and coming the land truly is. Right after I became of age to take classes for my license I started the course and obtained the licenses fairly easy. Its been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Im roughly 7 months into the Realtor World and it has been an AWESOME experience. Ive met some life long friends along the way and am really enjoying working with my clients.